and then there was lyme…



Yes, you read that heading correctly. LYME. Friggen LYME.

Let’s back up for a second…since I started seeing my naturopath (the one that my insurance company and doctor don’t believe in!) she has uncovered the fact that my thyroid is majorly out of whack, and that I have tested positive for Lyme Disease. Now, I cannot express how much that makes my blood boil. I’ve had more blood work done than I can even remember, and no where along the line did ANY OTHER doctor think to test me for Lyme. I was put into the “cardiac issue box”and that’s where they left me. My symptoms however are stating be less cardiac and more neurological. The dizziness, the memory loss, the tingling arms and legs, the pain and the overall exhaustion don’t all ring true for just POTS Syndrome, so, Dr. Deb ran every test in the book, and what she found was VERY important to my case. Lyme disease and POTS Syndrome have been known to run together. POTS is a dysfunction that occurs to the body after a trauma or a virus attacks. My doctors told me that I probably would never know why I got POTS, turns out, it’s because I have Lyme….and no one noticed. Now, to be fair, I’ve never even seen a tic, I have absolutely no idea when this would have happened, I didn’t report that I suspected Lyme because quite honestly, I didn’t! But, I live in the woods, on the coast of Maine where there are acres of fields and wooded lots. I would like to think that the professionals I’m putting my faith into would have thought about these things, especially based on my symptoms. Anyway, I’m trying not to play the blame game! The bottom line is this: now I have an answer, another piece to the puzzle, I know WHY I have POTS. I know what comes next, and even though it’s not pretty, at least I have plan. Because I’ve been sick for so long the recovery will be long term and intensive, but now there is hope that I *may* someday have some relief from this hell I’ve been living in…




3 thoughts on “and then there was lyme…

  1. The blame game isn’t worth wasting your energy on. Knowing whom to put your trust with, however, is. You ARE going to beat this. Love you to pieces! xoxo


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