An open letter to my insurance company

Dear HUGELY LARGE-AND-IN-CHARGE Insurance Company-

First and foremost, please piss off. While I was teaching today (you know, the job that I continue to do every day even though I feel like the world is spinning, my body aches and I can’t stand up for more than 2 minutes, my blood flow is off and I just want to nap? The job that I HAVE to continue to keep YOUR “benefits”…yea, that job…) I got a call from my doctor’s office. They so kindly informed me that while they fully supported me desire to see a POTS specialist in Boston, YOU didn’t. You had some concerns about the “necessity”of my seeing a doctor who SPECIALIZES in autonomic dysfunction. You had some concerns about her being “out of network”. You were wondering why I couldn’t just continue to see my doctors in Maine and continue as is.


Well, insurance company, here are the answers to your questions:

1) It is NECESSARY for me to see a specialist because most of my doctors here do not know what POTS is! While they are working hard for me, and have *maybe* seen a dozen people with autonomic dysfunction, don’t you think I deserve to meet with a doctor who deals with this on a daily basis? Don’t you think I deserve a second opinion? Don’t you think I deserve to meet with someone who is on the cutting edge in this field? Don’t you think I deserve a chance to get better? Yea, I thought so.

2) I’m so sorry to hear that this doctor is out of your network. I have a great idea: change your network. Make it work. It’s what’s best for your patient. Deal with it.

3) Why can’t I just continue seeing my doctors here, that are in your “network”? Well, my lovely insurance company, the answer to that is quite simple: I AM NOT GETTING BETTER. Why in the world would I just continue on this course if it’s not helping? I have the right to get my life back and I will exhaust all avenues to get it. I will continue to see them but only AFTER I get the treatment plan from a specialist.

4) I have been a healthy and uneventful patient of yours for YEARS. I have paid an arm and leg to you since the day I got my first big girl job and was out on my own. You have made a fortune on me. Now, it’s time for you to do what’s right, and take care of me. I’m not asking for much, just the best treatment a girl can get. My KIDS deserve that.

5) I don’t believe that you should get 3 strikes. You only get 1. Unfortunately for you, this is strike 2…and now you’re out. This is ludicrous and I will fight you on this issue (well, my mom will definitely lead the charge, and trust me, you’ll be sorry! She’s tougher than tough!) I will now also be fighting you on your decision to not cover any of my naturopathic appointments. That doctor is the ONLY one who even tested me for Lyme…and you’re not going to cover her because she’s not the type of doctor you want to work with? Oh, no no no…


Disrespectfully Yours,

An Ill Mommy Who Deserves Better Than You!


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