Update Time!

You know what feels REALLLLLY good?? Going to a doctors appointment and leaving feeling pretty damn good about what’s going on. That’s what happened to me last week at Mass General! I had my follow up appointment with Dr. Gracin and again I left feeling revitalized. This woman knows what she’s talking about. I went to the appointment armed with a long list of questions and she was patient with me while I asked them all. The questions ranged from rational to irrational, but she answered them all with great respect and detailed explanation. She is type of doctor who will spend 5 minutes with you, or 50, it doesn’t matter to her. She will stay with you until everything has been covered, no matter how long it takes. Here’s the major take away from my appointment with her:

  • I’m making PROGRESS! This is the most “healthy” I’ve been since May 2014. It might be hard to remember on the bad days, but this is PROGRESS. I’m working, driving, and not stuck in my bed!
  • The medicine is working! I’m having more days of feeling like myself, there are fewer dizzy days than before, we are on the right track!
  • She can’t promise me that I’ll ever fully recover, and while that feels like a punch in the gut every time I hear that, she can promise me that she will help me improve my quality of life, and I’m okay with that. She wants to get me fully functioning, and that’s what I want too!
  • It’s unlikely that my type of POTS has a genetic component…meaning my children aren’t any more likely to come down with this horrible illness. THANK GOD!
  • Because I have post-viral POTS, the chances of me progressing in this illness is rare. It’s not likely that I’m going to get WORSE. My symptoms are my symptoms, and while they may stay around, it’s not likely that I will deteriorate.
  • I am a fighter, and I will continue to fight. I have the best team around me right now, and I’m going to keep it that way.
  • Anthem can (excuse the language…) piss off! They have, yet again, decided to deny my requests to visit Dr. Gracin (THE SPECIALIST!!) so she’s going to battle them for me. She explained to me that people travel from New York to see her, because she IS the autonomic disorder person in our “area”. I have a feeling this is a battle that she’ll win 😉 I certainly wouldn’t want to go up against her!
  • I go back in 6 weeks and see where we are at that point!
  • I love Mass General!


Additionally, I had a check in with Dr. Deb, my amazingly wonderful naturopath who is treating the Lyme. She is also happy with the progress that we’re making! Here’s the basic take away from her appointment:

  • We’ve finished 6 weeks of Doxycycline! Woo hoo! Round 1, CHECK!
  • We’re going to continue on antibiotics and add in another. There is another medicine that will help attack the biofilm (not totally sure what that is, but it sounds gross…).
  • We’re going to reevaluate in 3 weeks!
  • Because we caught the lyme relatively early, she’s very hopeful that we will be able to get rid of this Lyme once and for all…and that should only help my overall wellness.
  • I love Camden Whole Health!


Today? Well, today actually isn’t a great day. The dizziness is back, and the fatigue is hitting hard and heavy. I’m thinking that the 15 hours in the car last week didn’t help any, and I probably should have taken a day off from work to recuperate…lesson learned! I do know that this will pass. I will rest, I will work out, I will take care of myself, and I will get better again. This will ebb and flow until it’s totally gone…so until then…on we go!



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