Next Chapter…

Unknown-1Well, this post will not be as pissy as my last! I finally got to the bottom of the “someone is talking sh*t about Samantha” debacle of 2015…it turns out that things are not always what they seem. While there was some shady underhanded business going on, it was NOTHING like the story that I was originally fed. Better? I’m not sure! While it felt good to know I wasn’t being talked about in such a way, it felt WORSE to know that someone was out there lying about that. Wow…let’s pick on the sick girl…why not?! She’s got nothing else to concern herself with…ugh…I guess that’s all I have to say about that.

Next chapter…

I got a letter from my insurance company…again…they are denying my visits to my POTS specialist…again…I opened the letter and screamed. My poor kids thought I was having a full blown mental break down, and I was close to it! My mom has been helping me sort through this mess to try and get it resolved. What we’ve discovered so far is that my doctors office coded the referral to the specialist as “patient with tachycardia”. That’s IT!!!!! No where on the form did they list dysautonomia, POTS Syndrome or ANYTHING else that would be helpful for me to get in to see a SPECIALIST! For the love of God! Tachycardia just means that your heart rate speeds up from time to time…ANY cardiologist can treat that. UGH. In addition to my doctors office being raging bunch of morons, Anthem has decided to tell me that they have no record of me having this condition and that they are confused about when this all happened. Oh….I’m sorry, Anthem! The 4 day hospitalization in Kansas City where they ran all of those tests…the 1 day stay in Bangor when I almost passed out driving…the monthly trips to the lab…the monthly trips to Mass General…ummm…what is it that you thought I was doing?! Of course I’m sick, and you have all the documents to prove it…you just don’t want to pay…well….to be continued….because now my mom is taking over….don’t say I didn’t warn you!



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