Take the bull by the horns!

Another visit to Dr. Gracin in the books! Every time I leave her office I feel so refreshed and hopeful. Here’s what we learned:

  • One of my meds needs to be upped…gross! While it stinks to pump more medication into my body, she’s hopeful that this increase will help my dizziness…here’s hoping!
  • We ARE making progress. There are symptoms that I used to have, that I don’t have currently…this is huge step. While the dizziness and the fatigue are becoming very debilitating, the numbness in my extremities is gone. The level of confusion has reduced and things are GETTING better!
  • Dr. Gracin actually said “we are going to fix you!” and I actually (sort of…with some hesitation) believe her! If anyone can help me…it’s her!
  • She took it upon herself to call Anthem directly to explain why it is ABSOLUTELY NECESSARY for me to continue seeing her, as NO ONE in my immediate area specializes in POTS…BOOM! Amazing. Not every doctor would call them like that…did it work? Well, no. They told her that they appreciated her phone call and that I could continue to see her, but it would NOT be covered at an in network rate….okay…so onward we go…going to file an official grievance and continue the fight.


Another lesson learned was that I really do have the best friends in the world. My mom and husband usually accompany me to these appointments, but this time my mom was flying to Florida and Paul needed to stay home with the kiddos…so I totally lucked out and my best friend stepped up to go with me. We had a blast. It was like we were teenagers again. We got to take our time, listen to old school music, eat whatever we felt like, watch whatever we want (which turned out to be Cinderella…don’t judge!) and we had a blast. It was so nice to feel like a carefree kid again. I was almost able to forget about why were in Mass! I wouldn’t have been able to do it without her. She sat with me in Dr. Gracin’s office and got the experience the magic that is Nancy Gracin. 🙂  She witnessed the tests that can be debilitating, and she made sure I asked all the questions on my checklist. She had my back, as she always does, and I’m just so eternally grateful for her friendship.


Additionally, my family and friends texted and called me all day to make sure things were going okay. For someone who is sick, you just have no idea how much that kind of support means. I’m sure it feels helpless for people sometimes, because there really is nothing that they can do to help…but reaching out and letting me know you’re there…that’s all it takes. Thank you to my amazing support system. ❤

I think that’s all for now…I get to wait 2 months before returning to Dr. Gracin’s office instead of the typical 1 month interval…so that is good! Oh, and I also got to go shopping and bought my kids some awesome new spring clothes…and Sophie got a new bikini! What 2 year old doesn’t need a bikini!? 🙂


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