Sweet Summertime!

summertimeSummertime is just the best. The days get longer, the weather gets warmer, the school year winds down, the ocean breeze begins to blow…it’s hard not to be happy during the summer!…that’s my story and I’m sticking to it! 😉 I’m trying to use mind over matter right now to escape the fact that I’m having a major symptom flare. This flare is coming on the heels of approximately 6 weeks (yes, you read that correctly….6 whole weeks!) of feeling pretty damn great. I was having days upon days of feeling like my old self. I had energy, I wasn’t dizzy, I wasn’t battling migraines, I was able to walk around the city of Boston for a bachelorette party…I was living the good life! Until…I got the dreaded phone call…”your lyme numbers are still showing activity…it’s not in remission yet…I think we need to do another round of treatment.” Okay, okay…I convinced myself that I would be okay, I could handle it. Been there, done that. Well, about 2 days into the new treatment everything collapsed again. The dizziness, confusion, headaches, muscle pain and stiff joints all came flooding back. Now, I think it’s important to mention that while I feel lousy, I’m *NOT*as sick as I once was, so that’s progress right?! I think the reason this flare feels so bad is because I had so many weeks of feeling good. I’m trying to tell myself that this is all a good thing…the symptom flare is the lyme dying off…I’ll feel better once this is over…in the long run this will all be for the best…right? Some days I’m not so sure. I have 4 more weeks of treatment before we reevaluate…I’m trying to hold on for dear life.


In other news the POTS symptoms don’t seem to be a present as they were before…aside from the dizziness…the tachycardia and blood pressure issues are basically nonexistent. My doctor actually used the term “turing a corner”when we talked about my progress at my last visit. That was so nice to hear. Even if it’s just temporary relief…I know relief is possible!


So…for those of you battling chronic illness, or are just feeling down in the dumps…hang in there! Don’t give up…there are some bright days mixed in with all the cloudy ones. I guess that’s what we look forward to right? A moment of sunshine and sweet summertime!


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