summer lovin’ had me a blast…

As summer winds down I thought I should write a blog because who knows when I’ll have time to do it again! The start of the school year will be absolutely crazy…and will be even more so this year with Colby starting (gulp!) kindergarten!…more on that later!

This summer has been a wild ride! It’s been full of sun and warm weather, trips to the beach, blueberry picking, swimming lessons, projects around the house, a family trip to Boston, horse rides, exploring, bicycle riding, ice cream, popsicles, picnics and time spent with family and friends. The bonus to all of this?? I was able to actively participate in it all! It’s been a total 180 from last year. Last July and most of August I was bed ridden, this summer, I’ve been a force to be reckoned with! Was it perfect? Well…no. Did I feel GREAT? Well…no. But that’s not the point! I gave my kids a summer full of fun and laughter, and that’s all I ever wanted anyway. My lyme treatment ended (thank the good lord!) and my POTS is at a level that I can manage. I go up and I go down, but I can function, push through it, and be the mom, wife, friend, and daughter I want to be. Do I have bad days? Sure! Do I still need to pace myself and take my time? Yep! Do I need help from others when I flare up? Hell-to-the- yes! But, we’ve got a good thing going here!

11817208_10102557153964809_6191632472302166500_n  11223594_10102561066968119_3418826764306705784_n

11880638_10102556440050499_22275169997987963_nIt’s also been a summer full of changes, and for a mommy with a chronic illness, it’s been so nice to be a part of it all. For one, my “baby”has been gearing up to start school! We’ve been working on letters, and numbers and writing. We’ve been school clothes shopping, searching the internet for the perfect backpack, and this mom has been secretly (and not so secretly…) tearing up at the thought of my little man going to school. The day Colby was born I realized my purpose in life…to be his mom. I can’t imagine that he’s on the road to growing up…okay, time to move along as I tear up again…


Sophie also hit a major milestone this summer…she’s potty trained! YAHOOOO!! All the parents reading this blog will know the joy that this brings into the household!! If you’re not a parent, just trust me…this is like hitting the lottery…for real!

11745426_10102526357765639_1958967252068684500_n  e1034af9d4eb25dbd90064c479be87a5c66857c138e1953dbe23826803407cfa

We had our first visit from the tooth fairy…turns out she pays more than I remember! Can you say “pushover?!” 😉


Our family is just in a really great, happy place right now…and I’m a living breathing part of all of this! It’s a little annoying that my POTS is still along for the ride…but I guess I can’t really blame it…we’re a pretty fun crowd to hang with!

Speaking of POTS…I’m coming off my most recent visit with Dr. Gracin (cardiologist extraordinaire!) and all looks well. We did spend some time trying to figure out these annoying palpitations that have crept in…but everything else is being well managed! Woo hoo! I don’t have to go back and see her for 6 months. For a potsie…hearing “I’m going to let you go until March, unless YOU need ME”…breathtakingly good news!

11891233_10102575370808109_1937572241163889671_n every potsie can relate…those damn stickers were SO hard to take off after the 24 hour monitor!!

Until next time…after I’m back to teaching…and have a kindergartener living in house…oye! Health and happiness to all my blog readers!


One thought on “summer lovin’ had me a blast…

  1. I keep asking myself “Where in the heck did she come from????” This blog sums up YOU…positive; a fighter; a terrific mommy, wife, daughter, sister, niece, friend, etc etc; determined, smart and wonderful. You keep this up, girl!!!! Love you to the moon and back, and continue to be incredible proud of you and blessed by you. xoxo


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