Santa, Sugar Plum Fairies and Surgery?!

Ho Ho Ho! Merry…Surgery!? Yes, that’s right, I had the surgery, and I referred to it as merry…it went very, very well! The procedure itself was less than an hour and it was virtually painless. I won’t know anything for about a week regarding if it actually worked (solved the issue), or the results from the samples they sent out…but for now, I’m calling it a success!


If you ready my previous blog, you know how stressed I felt about going under anesthesia. I was nervous that my POTS would cause complications and things wouldn’t go smoothly. I am so happy to report that everything went fine…and above and beyond that, every single person I talked to in the surgical unit KNEW what POTS was. The nurse who checked me in and monitored me, the medical assistant, the anesthesiologist and (of course) my doctor. Not only did they know, they appeared confident in their ability to handle the complexity of my case. My husband kept saying “wow, it seemed like he/she knew what POTS actually was…” It blew our minds. The nurse actually made more comments about how to pull off a hair net than POTS. Hopefully it means that the word is spreading!


I drifted peacefully off to sleep and the next thing I knew, I was groggy, but awake (!!!) in recovery. Rumor has it I told my husband that he looked like my children (phew! 😉 ) and that I wanted a puppy. I hung out in recovery for a few hours while I got my feet under me and they tried to manage my pain. My heart rate and blood pressure were stable the entire time…THIS WAS HUGE! My body actually behaved itself!


By the time I was discharged I was very sore, and very very tired…but also VERY VERY excited! It just so happened that two of our best friends were in the hospital that same day…delivering TWINS. I can honestly say that any bit of soreness and pain just melted away when I put those newborns in my arms. Holding them gave me such hope for the future. It sounds cliche but it really made me feel like everything was right in the world. It was one of those rare moments in life when the world stops for a second and you fall in love instantly. Thank you Nicki and Marc for bringing such amazing little people into this world. 🙂 They gave me a feeling of hope for the future.

So, for all my potsie readers…do your research, surround yourself with a good medical team, find a doctor you trust, and know that surgeries can be okay. I think a little bit of fear in this situation is good, because it means you will cover your bases…but I hope this blog will serve as a little ray of hope. Everything I read beforehand were horror stories…but that’s not always the outcome!

Merry Christmas to you all, and thanks for reading and supporting me as I make my way through this journey.



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